Datatec Kanematsu and the Bali Land Transportation Polytechnic colaboration on Sustainable Transportation and Improved Road Safety in Indonesia.

On July 5-6, 2024, the Bali Land Transportation Polytechnic and Datatec Kanematsu forged a significant partnership in sustainable transportation and enhanced road safety in Indonesia. This initiative was warmly welcomed by Masaya Shigehara, a representative of Datatec, who led discussions on their existing collaboration through research and community engagement.

The collaboration focuses on enhancing Datatec Kanematsu’s Driving Behavior tools to better suit Indonesia’s challenges and road conditions. These tools are designed to monitor driving behaviors and provide valuable insights to enhance safety and transportation efficiency. In-depth discussions were held to evaluate the strengths and challenges of implementing these tools in Indonesia’s diverse transportation environment. During the meeting, Bali Land Transportation Polytechnic highlighted various field challenges such as varying road conditions, diverse driving styles, and uneven transportation infrastructure across Indonesia. Datatec Kanematsu committed to enhancing their tools by considering these factors, including adapting the latest relevant technologies to local needs.

The collaboration aims to raise awareness of road safety in Indonesia through advanced technology that can be widely adopted. With the support of Bali Land Transportation Polytechnic, innovative and sustainable solutions are expected to be developed to reduce traffic accidents and improve overall transportation efficiency. This partnership also seeks to serve as a model for collaboration between higher education and industry in creating highly competitive solutions for modern transportation challenges.

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